GrimeLordz Brand was built from the roots up. We were created from the Underground culture and we want to pay homage to that. Grimelordz is more than a Brand; it’s a lifestyle that you live. At the same time anyone can be a Grimelord – as long as you are living your life the way you want to live it. We are all Grimelordz whether you know it or not; your “Grime” just has to be unlocked and tapped in to…

Grimelordz Brand was inspired by one of the east coasts best tattoo artists. Just like each of his tattoos; all of our designs are custom, unique, and top quality. Grimelordz Brand Represents freedom; moving differently, living your way – your grind. The artist wanted a product that will appeal to the masses but at the same time keep the underground roots that birthed the brand. The artist takes his one of a kind approach for tattoos and applies his vision to the fashion world. The development of the brand is always on-going and starts, like us, from the ground up. While we develop and test top-quality garments and discover different marketing channels the most important thing to us is that our fellow Grimelordz are not only wearing the brand created for them but; create this movement and grow with us.


We love hearing from our fellow Grimelordz – hit us up.



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